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Posted by on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 in All Vacation Rentals, Matapalo Rentals | 0 comments

Boca Sombrero – Casa Troja

Casa Troya is the latest addition to our beach-front villas. It’s the smallest of our three houses at Boca Sombrero and has unique architecture and artistic flair.

This incredibly beautiful bamboo and thatch-roof structure was designed and built in 2009 by German artist Marc Hübner. The house has two small bedrooms next to each other on the first floor and the kitchen is located in the center of the ground floor living area. Casa Troya is the closest of our three villas to the surf beach.


  • 2 bedrooms
  • Large Deck with plenty of space
  • Fully equipped kitchen


Casa Troya is located 50 meters from the beach, Playa Sombrero on the Osa Peninsula. Playa or Boca Sombrero is close to Matapalo and has amazing surf spots near by.


Additional Info

For all of our vacation rentals, please inquire for rates as they do vary for holidays and peak times. All rates include taxes & cleaning.

Osa Tropical can also make reservations for domestic flights, car rentals, and hotel stays, and we can arrange taxis to make your vacation a breeze!

Just contact us today for a quote and let us start your vacation today!



All of the houses around the Osa Peninsula area are eco-houses that use solar power. Solar power is a renewable energy and thus helps to reduce global warming.

Usually the light during the day is sufficient to light up the rooms, as the sun rises at 5 and goes down around 5:30pm-6:00pm.  Since the house is not equipped with strong light bulbs or fluorescent lights, you’ll also need to use candles, lanterns, and flashlights.


We advice you to not bring coffee makers, radios, stereos, hairdryers, and other appliances.  These appliances will drain a lot of the solar energy, leaving none for basic use. You may bring battery chargers for your video and still cameras. Remember to unplug appliances when finished charging.

We recommend to turn off all lights, fans and other small appliances when not in direct use.