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Posted by on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 in Tours | 0 comments

Tour to La Tarde

Ecoturístico La Tarde is owned and operated by Carlos Eduardo Castro Rojas (called Eduardo), who has been living on the Osa Peninsula for more than 36 years. Initially, Eduardo and his family survived mainly through agriculture, gold digging and hunting. These were common activities for all the farmers, or campesinos, who lived on the Osa.

MacawsBut over the course of time things changed, and strict new regulations prohibited certain activities. Gold digging became more and more difficult as the gold reserves of the rivers were exhausted. Agriculture depleted the rainforest and caused problems with the wildlife. Hunting was banned. These were all positive consequences of growing conservation programs, but it became almost impossible for the campesinos to make a living. Many people left the area looking for a better life elsewhere.

Today Eduardo naturally applies the main principles of sustainability: he protects nature, enables a cultural exchange and–very important–contributes to the economic development and well-being of his close environment. In addition to his family members, Eduardo employs neighbors and local people to help with this work. For example, local women help prepare meals for the guests, and famers help him maintain the trails. Whenever possible, he buys produce, eggs, and other products from nearby farmers–from people who at the beginning thought that he got stung by something in Drake Bay!

Tours available in La Tarde:

La Tarde to Los Patos – This is a 5 kilometer hike (10k round trip) from the lodge to Los Patos ranger station at Corcovado National Park. The trail passes over mountain ridges and through ravines, as well as dense rainforest, exposing hikers to a variety of different habitats for plants and animals.

Yellow Eyelash ViperNight Hike – Explore the rainforest after dark to encounter nocturnal birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

Gold Mining Tour – Catch gold fever! Enjoy a nature hike and learn to hunt for gold.

Montaña de Oro  – A three-day trek for the ultimate adventurer. Embark from La Tarde and camp overnight in the rainforest as you travel by foot across the Osa Peninsula to Carate.